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Wild boar tenderloin (fried)

wild boar stew meat, red port sauce, wild mushrooms, truffle potato

Duck breast (fry)

red port sauce, cranberry

Smoked chicken fillet

with chives dressing, salad


smoked trout, poultry stock, cream, olive oil extra virgin, trout roe, potatoes, leek

Cooked grey shrimps

with crème fraîche and apple


white rice, squid, icelandic prawns, mussels, paella spices

Pork neck (braise & barbecued)

sweet chilli wok sauce, rice vinegar

Angus tournedos (fried)

veal gravy, green beans, potatoes, broccoli

Grilled veal fillet

onion, tarragon

Risotto rice (risotto)

green asparagus, courgette, spinach