WineStein dishes

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Fried Norway lobster

with crème fraîche and lobster gravy

Chicken (fried)

satay sauce, pineapple, chips, rocket

Pork tenderloin (fried)

pepper sauce, red bell pepper, mushrooms, pasta

Veal tenderloin (fry)

veal gravy, bunched carrot, veal stewing steak, french beans, mashed potatoes

Chicken (fry)

satay sauce, fried onion, bean sprouts, chips, cucumber

Fried cod with smoked salmon

fried shiitakes and leek

Gamba tempura

with lime mayonnaise

Entrecôte (grill)

parmesan, olive oil extra virgin, garlic, rocket

Tournedos (fried)

pepper sauce, wild spinach, wild mushrooms, potatoes

Mackerel spring roll

with sprng onions

Fried chicken fillet

with lemon ricotta

Wagyu hamburger (fried)

barbecue sauce, chips, tomato, pickled gherkin, onion