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in coconut stock

King crab roll

with smoked salmon, dressing, courgette, puff pastry, basil

Oven-prepared cod

salsa, leaf spinach, lentils, olive oil extra virgin, tomato, garlic, shallot

Farm chicken (braised)

pasta, olives black, taleggio

Duck breast smoked

fatty smoked bacon, puff pastry, dried ham

Boiled ham

bread, salad, gouda, fried egg, tomato ketchup

Duck breast smoked

duck drumstick, duck liver, syrup, apple, red port

Pork schnitzel

with red bell pepper cream sauce

Tournedos (grill)

stroganoff sauce

Smoked mackerel and salmon

with chervil mayonnaise and capers

Fried salmon trout

with capers and lemon