WineStein dishes

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Leek pie

in puff pastry, eggs, cream

Grilled tuna

on a salad

Tuna on the rock

wasabi mayonnaise, oyster sauce, kikkoman

Mushroom risotto

with truffle and rocket

Fried pork tenderloin

with potato tortilla, onion, red bell pepper, courgette, cashew nut, parmesan, fresh red pepper, parsley and garlic

Lobtser Thermidor

with parsley and cheese

Pizza Quattro Formaggi

goudse, mozzarella, gorgonzola and parmesan

Smoked salmon salas

with capers and red onion

Grilled tournedos

with horseradish mayonnaise, shallot and lardo

Pomme Moscovite

potatoe wtih sour cream and caviar

Shrimp confit

garden cress, lime, chilli oil, sesame oil, red bell pepper

Pan seared tuna

teriyaki wok sauce, sesame seed