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Veal cheek (stew)

red wine sauce, carrot, bay leaf, cloves, onion

Fried scallops

on a salad with wild mushrooms

Stuffed crab

white wine sauce, gouda, allspice

Farm chicken drumstick (grilled)

satay sauce, white rice, fresh red pepper, garlic

Fried plaice

with capers and and anchovy

Pata negra

dried date, mascarpone, basil

Chicken Yakitori

leek, ketjap manis, rice wine, honey, mirin

Green salad with beef fillet

and honey & mustard dressing

Fried veal fillet

spinach, potatoes

Steak (grilled)

gravy, toast, onion, fresh garlic

Chicken tagine

with lemon, couscous, coriander, parsley, saffron, olives, ginger