WineStein dishes

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Vegetable stock

cream, mushrooms

Rump steak (fry)

teriyaki wok sauce, noodles, salad

Tournedos (fry)

stroganoff sauce, mushrooms

Duck rilette and breast

with orange sauce

Grilled sea bass

with soy sauce and green herbs

Black pudding (fried)

puff pastry, apple

Roast beef (fried)

sourdough bread, apple, gorgonzola

Scallops in tomato coulis

and truffle potatoes

Beef brisket (stewed)

mayonnaise, bock beer, bread, chips, bay leaf, mustard

Game stock

cream and yolk of egg, apple, calvados

Chicken fillet (low temperature cooked & fried)

bacon slice, red wine sauce, cauliflower, silverskin onion (fresh), chicory